Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine

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Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine 

About Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine
Pro Wrestling Illustrated is the #1 wrestling magazine in America. First published in 1979, the bimonthly publication covers the professional wrestling circuit.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated is the authoritative resource for all things wrestling-related. Written by some of the top wrestling writers and experts in the nation, Pro Wrestling Illustrated gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at this intense sport. Wrestlers and fans alike will appreciate a subscription to Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

Each issue covers Hall of Fame competitors, competition schedules and national rankings. Pro Wrestling Illustrated contains interviews with well-known wrestlers, impressive action shots and little-known wrestling facts. Each issue also includes inspiring comeback stories, behind-the-scenes coverage of competitions and articles about up-and-coming stars. Whether you compete in the wrestling circuit or simply enjoy learning about it, you will learn important industry information in each new issue.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated is the go-to guide for individuals who want to keep up with the professional wrestling world. Each issue is filled with national rankings, detailed cover stories and profiles of emerging and established wrestlers. Anyone who wants to know more about wrestling will look forward to bimonthly issues of Pro Wrestling Illustrated.t!