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What does Bad and Boujee mean? Or why is Versace a big deal to them? Can you forget the song that marked your heart? The one you're having an LSS (Last Song Syndrome) with? Well, when the lyrics keep on repeating the words “Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace ” in the song and in your fucking phone – who would not remember that?!!!! It’s like… it keeps on reminding you that the song is definitely about Versace – and I’m like “YEAH I FUCKING GET THAT.” So Versace is the first song that hit our iPhones and made us realize that Versace is indeed an Italian clothing line and is definitely not pronounced as “Ver-sase” or “Ver-seys.” And their next top hitting song is the song “Bad and Boujee”. Now in a listener and writer’s point of view – honestly, I didn’t get this one that immediately…. Well…. yeah…. I did not. An excerpt from the lyrics goes “My Bitch bad and Bou jee, cooking up dope with (inaudible words I don’t understand) the uzi… (and some more inaudible words and noises) I got 20s and 100 rounds too!” Yep… that’s pretty much what I hear every time this line goes up. HONESTLY…So I didn’t get that at first, but anyway, this isn’t just about my interpretation, because the tune is dope! And to my surprise… I love and like these songs too! Now I am pretty sure you have already heard about the group MIGOS, right? Yes them? The Bad and Boujee group who likes to sing about high-end clothing brands like Versace? Oh, of course, you have heard about them! The three guys who helped made the Atlanta rap industry boom these days? Well, I am introducing this trivia not because I wanted you to learn about these three awesome guys who are so good at rapping – they are so infamous today and their music can be heard anywhere and everywhere! I am introducing this trivia to you because this is about one of the trio’s members – the founder of the group – Quavo. He is the brain of the group and he is the heart of the group. So to say it shortly, Quavo is like the main b*tch and the leader of the group – I mean, sure there was Offset, but to say the least, Quavo here is our main man for everything…This guy made our heads turn, our hearts beat fast, our emotions and imaginations going wild and the guy that has helped us redefine hip hop, rap and redefine our beliefs in the world they grew up in – about being black and what their streets have to offer! Truly this dude and his music together with his “brothers” have helped us understand their lives better through their word rhyming or rapping (in a not-so-technical term.) and yet Quavo still got a lot to offer us. Quavo is pretty much famous today not only because of his involvement in the famous group but also because he is succeeding in separate projects as well, nowadays. So if you guys are as excited as me, then you better get this trivia! Tell your friends about Quavo too by sharing this information with them! So click that little BUY button now!

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Publish Date: May 16, 2017