REAL Words for Songwriters

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As a lyricist who has sold over 2,000 sets of lyrics, I know the importance of being able to find the words you need, FAST! Traditional reference books are filled with thousands of words you would never use in lyrics - like malapropos, usufruct, dishabille, and valetudinarian. All you need are REAL Words - words that people actually use in real-life conversations. * TWO COMPLETE REFERENCE BOOKS IN ONE * PART ONE - Alphabetical Word List. Each word is cross-referenced to the sound-alike words in Part Two. PART TWO - Abbreviated Rhyming Dictionary. Designed specifically for songwriters, in this section you will find words that form perfect rhymes and imperfect rhymes, including those with alternate pronunciations. Lover, for example, is often pronounced love-uh, therefore you will find it listed as both lover [er] and lover [u] *.

Binding / Paperback: 286 pages

Publish Date: October 16, 2014