Revealing the Wickedness of the American Government

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America has heard this statement all throughout history, and yet she still has not taken heed to the warnings of God. She has started out as a wicked nation, so her end will be pure destruction. God has warned America for hundreds of years to repent and turn from her wicked ways, and yet she continues delving deeper in darkness. The ones who are at the helm of all this wickedness is the American Government conducting their covert wicked works. With the American Religious Leaders not doing their part in rebuking the wicked has left many American citizens scared, confused, and inquisitive about the future of America. We see this state of confusion and wariness every year, where no one is being held accountable for their actions, which is causing the downfall of America. My nonfi ction book will be able to answer all the readers’ questions and concerns that they may have. Categories of questions such as the purposely decline of America in poverty, oppression, depression, nationwide debt, diseases, crimes, and much more. My book will blow the minds of those who have to question their sanity of incidences that pertain to the paranormal, supernatural, population mind-control, individual mind-control, teleportation, human hybrids, animal hybrids, and much more mysterious activities that the American Government is behind 100%. My book will allow many American adult citizens to become more aware of the crazy demented activities that are going on in America. This will also allow the American citizens to take a panoramic view of the mysterious happenings that are all across America, and eventually will spread to other nations.

Binding / Paperback: 478 pages

Publish Date: 29 December 2017