Song Journey

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A well written song gives you the power to touch, teach, and reach deep into a person’s soul. But when you hit a creative wall, it can feel like the power has gone out. In those moments, who would you turn to to get your writing back on track? How about a songwriter who’s worked with legendary artists and coached thousands of songwriters in person, online, over the phone, and in workshops all over the world? Mark Cawley’s songs have been on over 16 million records and with his first book, Song Journey, he gives you a first-hand look inside the songwriting industry. You’ll learn how to get your song going, how to keep it going, and what steps to take once your song is finished. It’s all neatly packed, from rhymes to chords to publishers and PROs. It’s written just like a hit song: full of hooks, to the point, and entertaining. Mark has supplied the maps and tools to help you become a powerful songwriter. Enjoy the ride!

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 204 pages

Publish Date: 22 March 2019