Streets Call Me Treasure

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"The Streets Call Me Treasure," is about a young woman brought up in the grimy streets of Dayton Ohio only taught how to take what she wants in this world. Treasure does that exactly, by robbing every man she comes across. She takes his love, his gifts, and of course his money. Until one day she meets Rashad. Rashad is a rich, sexy, and feared drug dealer from Columbus. He takes her as his wife with all of her flaws and changes her life totally. Rashad wants her to experience the finer things in life and he wants to share everything with Treasure even her. After Rashad introduce Treasure to another woman, Treasure begins to believe that she may like the touch of another woman. Meanwhile Rashad starts to treat her badly and beats her in front of their young son. He chooses the streets and the freaky strippers over his wife an forcefully kicks her out with nothing but their son and a broken heart. Not sure of herself, Treasure is lost with finding out the true woman she is.

Binding / Paperback: 132 pages

Publish Date: 24 June 2015