Temptation - Making A Hot Wife

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This is a tale of a frustrated MILF desperate for a rewarding sexual experience. Her marriage bed is stale and her husband disinterested. She lays awake at night fantasizing about neighborhood husbands and the other men in her life. Her carnal needs are slowly building to an explosive level. Always a shy girl, she had never been given to blatant displays of her womanly charms. But the heat rising within her is a demanding master. Rebellious, insistent and ever growing. Its flames hunger for carnal contact. Vigorous, hard and sustained contact. She tones up, shortens her skirts and leaves her panties in the dresser drawer. She is not the beauty she was at twenty, but her tall sensual figure is still enough to turn men's heads and tighten their pants, especially when she gives them a peek at her treasures. A quick hot read for adults only. Enjoy.

Binding / Paperback: 42 pages

Publish Date: April 15, 2018