The Fertile Hotwife Goes Black

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This series contains:CuckoldingInterracial ScenesGroup ScenesMFM and FMF and MMF experiencesFertile Hotwife Fun"Idle hands are the devil's playthings."An old saying that was never more true.Greg's career has taken off and he's finally able to let his wife Liana retire. She's relieved and grateful and settles into the relaxed routine of being a housewife. While she's out and about on her carefree days she notices all the looks she gets from the men around town. She tries to stay loyal to her husband but her inner slut is awakened and it isn't too long before they both discover that they need the excitement that can only be provided by bigger, stronger, and blacker men.

Binding / Paperback: 276 pages

Publish Date: February 13, 2019