The Late Truck Driver

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The Late Truck Driver isn't about a deceased truck driver or someone who arrives late to pick up or deliver a load. It's about becoming a truck driver later in life.

David Longanecker always dreamed of driving a big rig, but his life took a different path, leading him to enjoy a career as a higher education administrator and in policy analysis.

When he retired, however, he chased his dream.

In this book, he shares how he made the leap, what it was like prepping for and taking the test to earn his commercial driver's license, and how he earned real-world experience on the road.

He also pays tribute to the beauty of big rigs and the pure joy that comes along with looking at them and driving them. There really is nothing like admiring the beauty of a landscape while sitting in the elevated cab of a big rig tractor.

Whether you've wondered what it is like to drive a big rig, want to make a career change, or simply crave to know more about truck driving culture, you'll get an accurate picture of what the life is all about with this book.

Binding / Paperback: 120 pages

Publish Date: February 3, 2021