The Next Gen Almanac

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Are you in the "On Deck" circle of life? Whether you are graduating from college or are a few years into working full time, being the Next Generation to join the workforce puts you squarely in the cross hairs for everyone older than you. Sadly very few of your elders are willing to offer tips or ideas on how you can learn how to make your best contribution. Into this void, Drew and Sara Sanders offer you a series of ideas and templates to help you navigate the early stage of your career. Your first goal is to learn how to self diagnose so you can find your strengths, your next goal is to learn to self regulate so you can perform consistently over a long period of time, and a final goal is to identify which type of team you will work best with. The NextGen Almanac addresses all of these concepts and gives you 6 weeks of templates to work with as you start to establish your new routines for success at work and in life. In addition a bonus section on how to build and maintain a business network is included as well as a detailed plan on how to have a successful business lunch. As you step up to the plate of life you need a game plan and a few tips, the Next Gen Almanac gives you an option and we look forward to learning about your experiences

Binding / Paperback: 100 pages

Publish Date: June 29, 2015