The Upside Down Marriage

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"Jim has a winsome way of speaking the truth in love, providing readers with candid insights, powerful illustrations, and a good dose of humor. This book is a joy to read!"

-Mark McCloskey, PhD program director, MA in Transformational Leadership, Bethel Seminary

Many people enter marriage thinking they are marrying their soulmate. But too many years of poor communication, financial strain, infidelity, unmet expectations, or false ideas of what makes a healthy Christian marriage can create thick walls between spouses that are tough to break down.

Most couples want a quick fix so they can move on with life. But licensed mental health counselor and ordained minister Jim Keller says the goal of marriage isn't to survive the bumps and stay married but to thrive as a couple while simultaneously growing as individuals. The path to get there, however, might be surprising. In The Upside-Down Marriage, Jim challenges couples to do the opposite of what they might think. Fight more. Have less sex. Stop spending so much time together. It sounds crazy, but by embracing a plan that seems upside down, couples may discover an inverted path to a flourishing marriage.

Drawing from decades of experience as a marriage counselor, real-life stories from hurting people, and personal illustrations from his marriage, Jim presents a creative but practical plan for a thriving marriage. Though not easy, it's a plan that works-a tender mixture of biblical truth and grace combined with hope (and a bit of humor).

The Upside-Down Marriage doesn't focus on the fantasy of finding a soulmate; it focuses on being a soulmate to the one you love.

Binding / Paperback: 202 pages

Publish Date: 27 May 2020