Y'all Hiring?

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Every year, millions of Black teenagers like you work to navigate the American job market. Unfortunately, courageous and resilient young people are often under-prepared and face various barriers due to systemic inequities—making them less likely to gain and excel in meaningful employment opportunities. Additionally, most “how to get a job” books provide a race-neutral, one-size-fits-all model that does not speak to the unique realities and challenges facing you and other Black youth. These two problems led to the creation of this book. Y'all Hiring? is a practical, culturally relevant guide for Black youth seeking to obtain, maintain, and exit a job in a thoughtful manner. This book provides a much-needed framework that reminds you of your greatness while preparing you for the world of work. Filled with actionable steps and real-world analysis, this book offers useful advice on: √ Understanding and challenging workplace discrimination √ Maintaining your cultural integrity regardless of where you work √ Strategically exiting your job and planning the next phase of your journey √ Improving your résumé to reflect your best self √ Managing inevitable workplace stress√ Becoming the young professional you are destined to be

Binding / Paperback: 88 pages

Publish Date: September 15, 2020