It's Raining Rent

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This Guide Makes Money!! Biff's manual contains all the knowledge from his first 12 rental properties. This easy to follow guide has all the latest information for both the new comer or seasoned real estate pro looking to create a monthly wealth machine. In this book, you'll discover:- The avoidable risks of investing in rentals- How price the best rental for a given area - How to low ball bargain sellers for great property deals- How to finance rentals using other rentals - How to invest in rentals on a low budget- How to repair and maintain propertiesLearn everything you need to know to begin this money making journey. Take action immediately. Build your real estate investment business with this easy-to-follow format! Purchase "Its Raining Rent"

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 75 pages

Publish Date: 1 May 2019