100 Planks: The Plank Encyclopedia for Back Health, Bodyweight T

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Build your strongest core ever with 100 Planks! In this edition are: - 100 plank variations with detailed descriptions with common mistakes and corrections- Video tutorial links for every single plank- Over 20 "no crunch" ab workouts- Standing modifications- Advice for weight loss, back pain, shoulder health, and general beginners- Ways to increase your overall core strength, rotational and anti-rotational power, and body awareness to assist in sports and daily activities.

I've been a fitness trainer for nearly 20 years. And I LOVE teaching planks for one simple reason. Sure, they are among the best exercises to train strong cores and healthy backs. And yes, they're a safe way for nearly anyone of any height, weight, or ability to develop spine stability and core awareness. Planks are also popular because they help athletes like golfers to hit farther, martial artists to strike harder, and tennis players to react faster. And planks can also be the ultimate fitness tool for full-body strength, endurance, and functionality in sports and life with the added BONUS of a six-pack, chiseled obliques and sculpted glute, chest, back and shoulder muscles. Oh, and it's nice to know that decades of research support the plank as one of the top exercises we all should be doing to prevent debilitating back injuries. But mostly, I love planks because they're fun! And in this book are 100 of my all-time favorites that I do and teach on a regular basis.

Let's get planking!

Author Name: Rob Moore
Publisher: Independently published
Publish Date: August 7, 2019
Pages: 258
Binding Type: Paperback
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ISBN Number 13: 978-1070322704
ISBN Number 10: 1070322709
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