101 Creepy, Weird, Scary, Interesting, and Outright Cool Facts:

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Who doesn't love facts and random bits of information? "I did not know that" or "Teach me something I don't know!" are a commonly heard phrases among people today. Along with this, the most powerful driving force behind our random browsing of the Internet or Social Media is the pursuit of new information. This brings me to the reason why I wrote 101 Creepy, Weird, Scary, Interesting, and Outright Cool Facts. Here are some categories you will receive facts from in this book:
  • Plants and Nature
  • Computers and Technology
  • History
  • Science, math and space
  • Urban legends

Did you know that sea cucumbers are a class of invertebrate marine animals which inhabit almost every sea in the world? Their bodies can regenerate at an exceptionally fast rate, which allows them to regrow organs that were completely lost. As such, they have developed a defensive mechanism where they throw out their intestines - and sometimes even more internal organs - when they are attacked by predators. This is just one of the facts listed in this book so if you're ready for me, start reading now. In addition to 101 Creepy, Weird, Scary, Interesting, and Outright Cool Facts, you will receive 5 books included for free as a sign of my appreciation.

Author Name: Tyler Buckhouse
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