7 STEPS to SALES SCRIPTS for B2B APPOINTMENT SETTING.: Creating Cold Calling Phone Scripts for Business to Business Selling, Lead Generation and Sales

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What is the #1 reason why people don't agree to meet with you? You don't give them enough reason to meet with you. Do you think you might learn something from someone who smiled and dialed his way to setting more than 2,000 B2B sales appointments? This author did and shares what worked with you. Appointment setting is a process. It is not rocket science. A lot of sales people are great appointment setters, but many more struggle. Those that struggle frequently can close deals. It's a shame to lose out on income, commissions, competitive advantage and market share because you are lacking information on the process of b2b lead generation. This book focuses on the sales script creation process for business-to-business sales. It includes many sample scripts and script segments for credibility, benefits and what you deliver that you can incorporate into your own sales scripts. A good phone script is going to communicate your value and credibility. Every second counts when appointment setting using the phone. Every word matters when you are cold calling and lead generation is your goal. There is a structure to a sales script that earns you a "next step," whether it be a face to face meeting, a phone appointment, or attendance to a webinar or event. If you are going to be good at lead generation you have seconds to communicate who you are, what you do, why you are credible, the benefits people get from hiring you and what they will get from you if they agree to meet. That is a very solid foundation for "selling" a meeting. In this book Scott Channell breaks down the sales script creation process so that you appreciate the components parts of a good cold calling phone script. If you truly want to get out of winging it mode you will have to do a bit of thinking and brainstorming and this book gives the process with which you can craft sales scripts that have impact with your targeted suspects. Notice the word "impact." Scott relates the story as to when he was calling. He would imagine that the phone was 3D and when his decision-maker picked up the phone he could reach through and start clubbing them over the head over the head with a 2 x 4. The words he chose to communicate in his sales script had the impact of a 2 x 4 on his decision-makers. That is how he set more than 2,000 sales appointments himself in diverse industries. The words were softly spoken and not manipulative or forceful in anyway, but they were chosen and spoken as they had IMPACT on decision-mkers. They communicated value and a reason to meet. When you are beating your head against he wall cold calling with lousy phone scripts remember this..... the #1 reason why people don't agree to meet with you is because you don't give them a reason to meet. This book give the process for coming up with the most powerful words you can use in crafting your cold calling phone scripts and gives you the structure to communicate it all within 30 seconds of hearing "Hello." Peppered with sample scripts and language you can use in your own phone scripts your words will have more impact on your targeted decision-makers. The book also discusses "phrases of shame." Things appointment setters say on the phone which self-sabotage their efforts. Sales scripts are only part of an overall effective b2b sales lead generation process. If you have value and credibility to communicate yet those you speak to don't "get it," pick up a copy of this book. You don't set 2,000+ meetings while cold calling b2b appointment setting without learning some very valuable lessons. Lead generation is the difference for many between fine dining and Ramen noodles. If sales closing is not your problem and a winning system of lead generation is holding you back, this book will give you insights into the sales script creation process that will enable your qualified decision-makers to "get it" and agree to meet with you. You can start giving them enough reason to meet with you right now. Get this book.

Author: Scott Channell
Publisher: Newmark Press
Published: 10/17/2013
Pages: 158
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