A Cougar's Guide To Getting Your Ass Back Out There

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This is an extremely important book for today's generation of women who are single, divorced or widowed, looking at the dating scene and asking themselves "What am I supposed to do now?" Poter's re-definition of the word "Cougar" as no longer being the predatory jungle animal some define the Cougar but as strong, unique and powerful creatures who can make their own choices about their lives that reflect who they are today. The author's personal history is very compelling and adds to the easy readability of this terrific book. Her insights are spot on and her advice is comprehensive and detailed even as she states what should be obvious but isn't always: "No married men" or "No texting while on a date." The book is also filled with real-life examples and clever sayings that bring it all home and put everything about the incredibly complex and confusing dating scene into something we can understand and relate to. In particular, check out the sections on "Lessons Learned" and "Red Flags." Learn the importance of changing yourself first before jumping into a new relationship.

Binding / Paperback: 120 pages

Publish Date: June 9, 2015