All Dwarf'ed Up (Dwarf Bounty Hunter)

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Dwarf the Bounty Hunter’s going to Portland, Oregon, and the hounds are going with him.

Eight humans all marked with dark magic are losing their mind, terrified of a demon that doesn’t exist. Keep Portland Weird just took on a whole new meaning.  They need a bounty hunter.

Johnny Walker is ready to clean up the streets and get back to his quiet front porch in the Everglades. He’s that good.

But a clue to an old case comes up where he least expects it. The Red Boar’s drug ring has spread across the country like a poisonous vine, wrapping around the one place no one dares tread with the bounty hunter. The murder of his daughter.


Johnny Walker has thought about cold hard justice for too many years. Time to bring it home.

Join the hounds and Johnny on their hunt. Scroll back up and click BUY NOW or READ FOR FREE to join the adventures with Johnny and the hounds as they track monsters in Portland.

Binding / Paperback: 300 pages

Publish Date: 14 December 2020