Americaine Dream

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AMERICAINE DREAM is a jaw dropping action thriller novel about an unfortunate young boy forced prematurely into manhood before the age of adolescence. After the tragic lost of his father at the hands of Tampa's police and his mother's morally to the devils dick (crack pipe), he had to equip himself for survival BY ALL MEANS. Just when things couldn't get any worst, his life bottoms out, and he is nearly inches from breaking.

Who would've thought by one good deed his world could be changed over night, and the once vicious ghetto that victimized everything in his pathway would become home plate for his domination. Buckle up as I roller coast ride you through Paso's life journey as he attempts to exit out of the game. Little did he know the end game for a hustler was all but pretty. (Grave yard or Prison), and the choice was his to make.......

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 216 pages

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