American Conspiracies and Cover-Ups: Jfk, 9-11, the Fed, Rigged

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"Those intrepid souls seeking to peer deeper into America's greatest conspiracies should start with Douglas Cirignano's voluminous book. Don't miss this tour de force."--Jim Marrs, New York Times bestselling author

American Conspiracies and Cover-ups brings together interviews with the bestselling and brightest minds in the alternative history world to create the definitive guide to our country's biggest secrets. Interviews include:

  • Jim Marrs on the New World Order
  • Noam Chomsky on mainstream media
  • The JFK assassination with LBJ's lawyer
  • Veteran and author Robert B. Stinnet on Pearl Harbor
  • G. Edward Griffin on the Federal Reserve Bank
  • Dr. William F. Pepper on MLK's assassination
  • Professor David Ray Griffin on 9/11
  • and more!

From the foreknowledge of the attacks of Pearl Harbor and September, 11, 2001 to whether or not cancer cures and cheap alternative energy are being suppressed to the truth about our voting machines, this book covers the range of conspiracies in America.

Author Douglas Cirignano brings together the foremost experts in the field to answer these questions once and for all, and proves that mainstream histories don't tell the real story.

Binding: Hardcover

Physical Info: 456 pages

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