Bae Belongs to Me

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They meet under strange and tragic circumstances, but once KATRINA lays eyes on the thuggish and fine bad boy, she becomes obsessed with the idea of him as her man. She doesn't know if he has a woman in his life or not. And she doesn't care. She has to have him. AHMANI is intrigued by the pretty, white girl from a completely different walk of life than his own.

He wants to get to know her, but he has way too many other things going on to commit himself to her totally. Katrina isn't deterred, though. She wants and needs Ahmani's love all to herself. And once she gets it, she will share him with no one. Absolutely no one! BAE BELONGS TO ME is a jaw-dropping story about love, obsession and possessiveness unlike any story told before.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 192 pages

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