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Quinn Whitaker is too smart for his own good. He and his close friends, Lonzo and Fitzi, have made a steady income out of shoplifting and petty thievery with Quinn masterminding their every move. The stakes change when they're presented with the opportunity to rob a drug dealer and increase their cash flow but that move also changes the game.
It whets Quinn's appetite to move on to the next big thing, and awakens his diabolical genius to master the craft and conquer the art of "the heist.
Lonzo and Fitzi come along for the ride of stealing big with Quinn as orchestrator, but when a simple job and blind luck leaves them with more money than they ever dreamed of, the foundation of their friendship is eroded by greed, ego, distrust and murder.
Quinn pushes past his aversion of taking lives and sets his sights on grabbing the brass ring...a job so big, so out of their league, it's unimaginable but Quinn knows it can be done. They say the love of money is the root of all evil.
Will their friendship survive their quest to have it all, or will greed, envy, secrets and lust destroy them all?

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 338 pages

Publish Date: 30 October 2016