Brujeria in South Texas

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ISBN: 163829321X    EAN: 9781638293217
Publisher: Austin Macauley     
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: November 30, 2022
Physical Info: 58 pages

A pile of puzzling objects suddenly appears on Isabella's porch step. As more of the same piles clutter her lawn each passing day, Isabella's health deteriorates, arousing her best friend Bonnie to suspect brujeria in a sinister plan to destroy Isabella.

Dr. Zuniga, a renowned anthropologist, confirms Bonnie's suspicions after seeing the evidence in Polaroids taken by Isabella and advises her that only an experienced curandero or priest can break these powerful spells.

When Isabella turns to Father Andrew for help, she is unaware he carries a dark secret that traces his family lineage back to Eve and the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, a link tying him to the 13 ruling families of the powerful elite.

To deliver Isabella from the forces of evil, Father Andrew must travel back in time to confront deeply embedded memories of unspeakable crimes against humanity. To save a life, the perilous path into the past may cost him his own life.

In a region of the country where palm trees, the gulf breeze, piñata fiestas, and Tejano music pervade the heart of deep South Texas, old family traditions, along with a tequila blend of Hispanic and American values, invariably clash against witchcraft rituals and satanic sacrifices.

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