Cuckold Husbands Service the Bulls

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Cuckolds have to be good for something, right? Raven Merlot and Rod Fetcher are back with 10 more stories of cuckolded husbands and liberated hotwives. This bundle has story after story of cuckold husbands learning that they must not only be submissive to their wives, but to the bigger, better men that their wives prefer. These stories combine the joy of cuckolding with the sublime exploration of one's sexuality. This bundle includes stories of university experiments, rural English pagan festivals, and diplomatic incidents! But no matter how these cuckolds end up on their kneesthey know what to do when they get there. ;) Included in this box set are: All The WayMay Day CelebrationsDream TimeMMF with the MMAWorking Overtime and Twice as HardGiving it all he's got! Who is he jealous of? Someone to watch over usA Night at the TheaterDiplomacy

Binding / Paperback: 250 pages

Publish Date: September 21, 2019