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Daimyo of 1867 Samurai Warlords of Shogun Japan Daimyo of 1867 provides a comprehensive catalog of samurai warlords in feudal Japan. Included are detailed information on every one of the 277 daimyo clans in the year 1867, towards the end of the samurai era. Every daimyo is listed with the image of the mon "family crest," han "fief" name, revenue size, rank at the Shogun's castle in Edo, prior ancestry, and other clan information. Many clan domain descriptions are embellished with photos of their castles, history of notable ancestors, and information about any branch families. Maps of castles and their surroundings are provided wherever possible. The information is organized as an handbook for creating more realistic backgrounds for role-playing games, boardgames, miniatures games, and computer games. It is also useful for those writing historical novels, screenplays, graphic novels, comic books, anim , and other creative works. Background information includes geography, history, major roads, social structure, religion, monetary system, and government structure. A gamers guide is provided with suggestions for scenarios, descriptions of martial arts training, ronin, vengeance, the use of ninja, and the naming of a daimyo's son at a coming-of-age ceremony. There is also a special section with lists of samurai-themed games. Among the daimyo you will find: - Asano Naganori, the daimyo whose seppuku led to the revenge of the 47 ronin Kudo Suketsun , who sparked the famous vendetta of the Soga Brothers, which took 18 years to complete - Ooka Tadasuk , a minor judge with legendary wisdom, who eventually became daimyo - Yagyu Munenori, the Shogun's sensei for swordsmanship, a hatamoto who became daimyo - Oda Nobunaga, a minor daimyo who began the final unification of Japan after a century of civil war, and who is the inspiration for the video game series Nobunaga's Ambition - Tokugawa Ieyasu, a minor daimyo who became Shogun, and established a dynasty that would rule the Land of the Rising Sun for two-and-a-half centuries, until the end of the samurai era. Profusely illuminated with hundreds of photos and images of maps, woodcut prints, and paintings. Suggested for mature readers.

Author: Tadashi Ehara
Publisher: Different Worlds Publications
Published: 03/24/2010
Pages: 346
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