DNA of a Gangsta

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The story of a living legend DNA OF A GANGSTA gives you a glimpse into the everyday life of Christopher Flora, a Virginia hustler with a ruthless mentality. Cursed with a mother who was never there and a father who disowns him, Chris began to mold and transform in order to adapt to the cold and cruel streets around him. Growing up in Broadlawn, a low-income project in Chesapeake, Virginia, Chris learns there is more than one way to achieve "The American Dream". When he meets Tony, who becomes his most trusted friend, they take you through the streets of Portsmouth in scenes of extreme violence, intense action and cold hard truth. "DNA OF A GANGSTA" takes you into the world of Money, Murder and Power in ways never before imagined.

Will Chris become a victim of the ruthless streets like so many before him or will he gain the power to change something that has yet to be changed? Find out, in a truly unexpected and totally shocking climax. This is "DNA OF A GANGSTA".

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 432 pages

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