Dominican Republic - Travel Guide

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Top 100 Dominican Republic Travel Tips This book was written by the author who traveled to Dominican Republic and visited its most interesting, famous and beautiful places! Dominican Republic is a world class country with world class things to see and do. It’s a country you can visit many times and still find something fun and interesting to do. We are going to look at 100 of the Best things to do when you visit Dominican Republic. Be sure to check them out! Ok, let’s get started! The book contains the most popular Secrets and Advice from the Locals Experts: •Historical and Cultural Sights •Outdoor Adventures and Nature •The Most Delicious Things to Eat & Drink •TOP 10 Beaches •Advice of local people •Things to Buy for Souvenirs3 Reasons to Buy This Book:•Simple Guide to Independent Travel •Best Sights information •Advice from the Locals Experts Start Dominican Republic Travel Today!

Binding / Paperback: 38 pages

Publish Date: 30 August 2018