Drug Lords 3: Tragedy and Chaos

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After STEVO\'S dirty hands are exposed by MONTANA, he vows to punish her for being disloyal. But Montana\'s problems run much deeper than the eyes can see. KANDACE, the queen of chaos, is out to destroy Montana and send him to an early grave. Will her plan bear fruit? Or will she learn a deadly lesson about going up against a man who refuses to lose?

On the other side of the proverbial coin, MAKARONI finds his back against the wall after PHOENIX and his goons attack with merciless aggression. Makaroni is no slouch when it comes to war and bloodshed, but his strongest ally just might be his fiercest enemy.

When vast riches, and far reaching power is on the line, true natures are exposed. Friends become foes. Bosses are crushed, and new Kings emerge. The rise to the top of the totem pole has never been more deadly. In the end, who will rise up to become the true DRUG LORDS of an insidious game that will leave you utterly astounded?