Duffle Bag Cartel 3: Sins of Dirty Money

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PHOENIX is a bonafide boss and money-getter. The world is his playground, and he\'s a master puppeteer of those around him. Suddenly, everything spins when, in a jealous rage, one of his women shoots the other one. Phoenix\'s troubles are compounded when his most formidable enemy, to date, wages an attack on the DUFFLE BAG CARTEL.

Vast riches and the love of dirty money places Phoenix, and those who follow him, in the eye of a storm that can only end in tears, blood and death. Will the Underworld\'s most cunning mastermind be able to overcome and prevail the many attacks against him? Or will ego, pride, women, and the Sins of Dirty Money lead Phoenix to an early grave?

Binding / Paperback: 186 pages

Publish Date: July 30, 2019