For Pet's Sake, Do Something! Book 3

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What can I do to make my pet more comfortable if he has to cope with pain, illness, or a chronic condition? How can I improve my pet's overall health? How can I tell ahead of time if something I want to try may, or may not, work? In book three of the series For Pet's Sake, Do Something: How to Heal Your Pets Using Alternative Therapies, animal communicator Dr. Monica Diedrich provides you with clear information about a variety of effective healing modalities you can easily use at home. In this third book of the series, Dr. Monica shows you how to use: Flower Essences to restore spiritual balance and promote physical healing Essential Oils to quickly and effectively transport oxygen and nutrients into every cell of the body Homeopathy for healing based on the principle that like heals like Magnetic Therapy, Massage, and Reflexology for relaxation, relieving pain, reducing anxiety, and promoting overall wellbeing Sound, in its different healing forms, to serve as a bridge between body, mind, and spirit Color to influence how a pet feels and behaves Crystals as a means for focusing healing energy Incense fragrances to heal emotional and behavioral imbalances Animal Communication and how important it is to heal at every level -- spiritual, mental and emotional Acupuncture and Acupressure to eliminate blockages in the body's energy system Chiropractic to correct misalignments in a pet's body Hydrotherapy to promote healing in a weightless environment You'll also learn about how to pre-test remedies, how pets age, what to have in a first aid kit, first aid for emergencies, poison-proofing your home, and how to provide for your pet if you're no longer there.

Author: Monica Diedrich
Publisher: Two Paws Up Press
Published: 10/14/2008
Pages: 388
Binding Type: Paperback
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ISBN13: 9780979448614
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