Her Futa Genie

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Have you ever heard of a Futa Sex-Genie? Three wishes? Alessi only has one. To not go to her sister’s wedding. Lucky for her, days before the big event she stumbles upon a magic lamp that will change her life forever. Goodbye wish limit and hello Futa Sex-Genie. Khissa has been stuffed inside her lamp for way too long and is ready to come out and play. Overjoyed that her new master is a sexy little female the Futa Genie vows to obey her every command and make every deep, dark desire her new master has come true. This collection follows Ali and Khissa as they learn how pleasurable magic can be. For every wish a new lust is fulfilled. This collection includes:Finding Her Futa GenieFuta Genie at My Sister’s WeddingBecoming the Futa Genie Taming MagicDared by a Futa GenieIf you had a Futa Sex-Genie, what would be the first thing you wished for?

Binding / Paperback: 106 pages

Publish Date: March 18, 2021