How to Write Your Own Spells for Any Purpose and Make Them Work

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Have you ever had trouble finding the right spell? Have you ever found a spell that suits your purpose, but couldn't carry it out because of impossible instructions or hard-to-find ingredients? Have you ever wanted to put more power behind the spells you cast? If you can say, "Yes," to any of these questions, then "How to Write Your Own Spells for Any Purpose and Make Them Work" is the book you've been looking for. Successful spell casting is an important aspect of witchcraft, a practical understanding of which leads to a very self-sufficient walk through life. This book approaches spell crafting as the practical application of the esoteric science behind witchcraft. Being able to write and successfully cast your own spells means you'll never have problems finding a spell that suits your needs, again. While spell books are helpful in many cases, the types of spells are usually limited to popular subjects like love, money and protection when you may have other needs. They often fail to provide a spell for your particular situation and its unique dynamics. Furthermore, many modern spell books try to impose the author's morality upon the reader and may not contain certain types of spells, at all. This book demonstrates the process of learning how to write your own spells and teaches you why certain components are employed in a spell and what their purpose is. It shows that there is far more to spell casting than just going through the motions or wishing for a result. All spells have a far greater chance of success when the spell caster has an complete understanding of what he or she is doing and why. Blindly following a procedure or formula without knowledge or going through the motions without understanding is less likely to lead to a positive result. "How to Write Your Own Spells for Any Purpose and Make Them Work" is both a manual and a workbook that provides lessons followed by questions and answers. The final chapter shows you how to put the information you've learned in the book together to design your own spells for any purpose.

Author: Sophia diGregorio
Publisher: Winter Tempest Books
Published: July 13, 2013
Pages: 136
Binding Type: Paperback
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Size: 6 x 0.34 x 9 inches
ISBN13: 9780615823812
ISBN10: 0615823815
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- Witchcraft Religion & Spirituality