Ibrahim Dawood: The new Emperor of India

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Ibrahim Dawood Kaskar lives in Bombay. He is bored to the college and skips school. He robes to be made of the pocket money but is caught. His father intervened to avoid him the prison but gives him a correction. He decides to to give up the family residence and forms a band, the Konkanis. They turn to the port but the band is caught by the police. Ibrahim and his brother Iqbal are imprisoned into a prison center where they play fists to command respect. They get noticed by barons of the underworld. By going out of prison, they integrate a gang. Ibrahim becomes one of the bosses of the band. In 1977, Ibrahim Dawood leaves his group and forms a band, the "D Company". He joins with two other gang leaders: Chhota Shakeel and Chhota Rajan. Together, they launch into a promising market, that of weapons. Because a nearby country, Afghanistan is at war. It is a period splendor for his band which wins millions. Ibrahim Dawood gets acquainted with brothers Pathan, lieutenants of Karim Lala, the most powerful maffioso of Bombay. The brother Pathan wants to dash into the traffic of opium. For that purpose, they need determined men and commit it. This market is a chance for Ibrahim Dawood and his men. So that the won money gives him ambitions. 1981. Ibrahim Dawood is now its only master. He sets up his organization which shows itself effective. Too much for his rivals who look at him of a bad eye. His brother Shabbir is killed. Ibrahim Dawood swears to avenge his death but he has to wait. Two years crossed. It is the moment which chooses Ibrahim Dawood to exercise its vengeance. He makes kill one of the brothers Pathan. Karim Lala orders a reaction. The head of Ibrahim Dawood is priced. He exiles himself in the United Arab Emirates. Ibrahim Dawood settles down in Dubai, but he has to continue his business. He invests then in real estate projects. Everything makes a success in him. He discovers that the workers of Indian origin send a part of their pay to their family by using very taxed bank transfers. He organizes a network of transfer of money by using a common practice of the Muslims: Hawala. It is the jackpot for "D Company". But in 1988, the Indian justice asks for its extradition. Ibrahim Dawood decides to leave the region. On August 12th, 1991, Ibrahim Dawood settles down in Karachi, economic capital of Pakistan. By means of members of secret services, he launches into the traffic of opium. In December, 1992, the mosque of Babri Masjid to Ayodhya, in India, is destroyed by Indian extremists. Confrontations cause the death of more than two Muslim thousand. The Pakistani secret services ask Ibrahim Dawood to organize attacks in India. It is black Friday of March, in 1993. The criminals of Indian confession see it as a denominational war. Chhota Rajan leaves his organization and he takes with him all those who are not Muslim. His criminal organization grows and he becomes the main rival of "D Company". In 1998, Chhota Rajan wants to take the place of number 1. Ibrahim Dawood throws its offensive on September 15th, 2000, a commando squad hurts seriously Chhota Rajan but it gets out of it. "D Company" becomes one of the main financiers of the Pakistani secret services. Thanks to their support, he lives quietly in Pakistan and acts with complete impunity. In spite of the threats. He keeps leading his affairs and growing rich. But time goes by and he ages. He marries his children to Indian or Pakistani businessmen and eventually makes his main enemy stop, after Chhota Rajan, in 2015. From now on, he can end his life in peace.

Binding / Paperback: 186 pages

Publish Date: 26 April 2018