In Service To Her Majesty

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by Eleanor Darby Wright

While exploring the remote regions of northern India, a small group of English officers hear of a remote valley and its capital city, Subbujah, known as the City of Splendor, with strange and exotic practices. How strange you might well ask, but they find out when their lives begin to change.
Political Intrigue
Adult Sexual Situations
Anisoyya studied me sitting there. I wondered how we would go on as she looked at my made-up, femininized face and seemed to like what she saw. I was quite unprepared for her to shift up to me, her dress mingling with my skirt as she put her arm about me and, surprisingly, she began to kiss me. She kissed me as I was the girl and she was the boy, attacking my luips as if she had never kissed anyone before.
Being like a pricess locked in a castle, I was sure that she hadn't kissed manyu men before, even one like me, ant thus I might seem like manna from heaven to her. I put my arms lightly about her waist and we fell back on the bed and kissed, my lipstick covering her face as she shivered and pressed her real breasts into my fake ones.