Investing in Apartment Buildings: Create a Reliable Stream of In

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\"Matthew\'s newest book, Investing in Apartment Buildings, couldn\'t have come at a more poignant time in our lives. He offers a modern day, step-by-step survival guide for the ever growing economic war on the middle-class. Win your own financial war by arming yourself with Matthew\'s systematic, hands-on experience and sound principals for investing in apartment buildings.\"
--Ryan Zahoruiko, principal, Forest Street Property LLC

\"Matt Martinez is able to take the complicated world of real estate investing and put it into terminology that the average person is able to understand. Understand the acquisition of apartment buildings is not an easy task but Matt makes it clear and concise in his book. He gives the reader the tools, knowledge, and desire; it is only up to the reader to follow what he reads to give him success.\"
--Seth Heller, VP of Acquisitions, GREC Conversions LTD

\"Matt Martinez makes a compelling case as to why real estate investing remains the best path to financial independence. Investing In Apartment Buildings provides step by step advice that gives newcomers to real estate investment the practical advice they need to learn the business from the ground up. The Chapter Summaries provide an excellent tool to focus the reader and the real life \"war stories\" provide great context for each lesson. If you want to get started in developing an independent income stream Investing In Apartment Buildings should find a place on your bookshelf.\"
--Jordan C. Paul, CEO Aquila Property Company, Inc.

\"I bought my first rental property around 1990. Since that time I\'ve bought, operated and sold more than 3,000 apartment units which have generated more than $30MM in net profits. If I would have had Matt\'s book in 1990 I could have avoided dozens of pitfalls and accelerated my growth MUCH FASTER...
--David F. Atkins, president, Alexander Forrest Properties

\"Matthew Martinez has done it again! His books are clear, compelling, and always offer tremendous knowledge and value for anyone wishing to get into the real estate market. Speaking from experience, Matthew, provides great insight into real estate investing and you\'ll even get to read personal email exchanges from Matthew\'s treasured mentor.\"
--Phoebe Chongchua, real estate columnist

\"Matt has really hit the target; a concise, complete and organized approach to investing in this asset class. Apartments, with their short lease terms, are true inflation hedges and this book can help your investment approach, whether new to the business or a seasoned veteran. He really gets it, and you will too.
--Gary Kachadurian, chairman, Apartment Realty Advisors

\"A must read for anyone looking to invest in apartment communities. Matt\'s book is both informative and interesting!
--Mark H. Stern, senior vice president of acquisitions, Waterton Residential

\"An outstanding summary of the key principles of real estate investment and wealth accumulation. Matt Martinez has the unique ability to transform sophisticated ideas and concepts into highly readable and entertaining prose. This is required reading for anyone serious about learning the basics of apartment building investment in these complex times.
--Richard N. Bernstein, attorney and principle shareholder, Greenberg Traurig LLP

\"Because of Martinez\' s vast understanding of the real estate industry\'s many nuances, he is able to provide real and sustainable advice for investment professionals and novices alike. Martinez will show you where the rubber meets the road when it comes to multi-unit success. Buy this book!
--Charles Byron Andrews, founder of Blue Coast Asset Management

\"This is an outstanding guide for those who are interested in investing in apartment buildings. Matt Martinez has created a well-thought-out and informative book for the novice, intermediate and experienced multi-unit apartment investor. He discuses in great detail farm areas, sourcing properties, value-add deals, property management, value determinations, financial analysis and underwriting guidelines, negotiating strategies and how to succeed in this challenging but rewarding business. He also uses real-life examples to help the reader better understand the principles he teaches. This is an outstanding book that anyone who is seriously interested in apartment buildings must read!
--Rob Sena, partner, Alterra Capital Group

\"When I started in real estate investing, Matt Martinez sat down with me and explained how to do things properly. His guidance gave me both the analytical framework and courage to succeed. In fact, I just bought my third apartment building. This book encapsulates much of his wisdom and is definitely a must read for anyone serious about real estate investing.
--Ben Goodman, founder, FastForwards Management LLC

\"Investing in Apartment Buildings is not only another story of success, but one that lets you profit from Matthew Martinez\'s experience. The writing style makes you feel like you\'re talking with a friend. This book provides a great description of the current industry\'s situation, ideas to capture opportunities and tools to assess each investment. It represents a very compelling guide to help you ask the right questions and understand the answers when considering real estate deals.
--Javier Dborkin, director, Boston Andes Capital

\"Any seasoned multifamily investor will tell you that the fortunes you hear about are made and lost in the details. Many of the lessons I have learned through years of trial and error have been clearly laid out in a highly accessible format in Matt Martinez\'s Investing in Apartment Buildings.
--Matt Wanderer, principal, Alterra Capital Group

\"Matt\'s approach to investing in Multi-Family Apartments is concise, strategic, and up-to-date. This book is well thought-out and informative for today\'s multi-family investors. Matt knows what he is talking about. His book is a must read.
--Joel Webb, founder of