Jersey Madam: The Autobiography of Sylvia Jones

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Sylvia Jones was born in Indiana. Sylvia was raised in Long Branch, NJ. You probably know Sylvia, she was the ugly shy kid who couldn't get a boyfriend if she tried, she was the quiet one, you know the one other girls loved to chase home from school, slap around, talk about because at that age, hurt knows no shame. Sylvia, scared of her own shadow, life tends to play games on the most innocent of people. Sylvia blossomed beautifully, but all that seemed beautiful was paid for with a price. How does one escape poverty at such a young age without using the only things people seem to want you for? Rock took full advantage of my helplessness, he ruled my kindness, and saw me as weak and defenceless, up against such a strong beautiful man, Rock threw me to the curb like garbage never coming to visit, but keeping intouch by a string, hoping that, I myself had come into some money, as he never did.

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Physical Info: 116 pages

Publish Date: September 8, 2019

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