Kazuo Ito Goshin Jutsu - Traditional Judo (English)

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For many years now, we have established a firm commitment to spread the authentic legacy of Kodokan Judo founder, Jigoro Kano. Through conferences, interviews, seminars in several countries and several books published in 4 languages ​​we have managed to reach thousands of people around the world who have known principles, katas and techniques that are forgotten or disused today. As we all know, Kodokan Judo has been redirected solely towards the sporting side, turning its back on many aspects that made Kodokan Judo a precious and complete art. A situation that the current international Judo leaders are not interested in reversing. Our work of research, translation and verification has been hard, but thanks to our passion for the work of Jigoro Kano we have exposed much of what many teachers of Kodokan Judo and Jujutsu know and practice daily following the authentic legacy of Prof. Kano. This is not only limited to randori or shiai. In this book we made the study about the method of personal defense (Goshin Jutsu) of the teacher Kazuo Ito, who was undoubtedly the best student of Kyuzo Mifune. Both were exceptional Judokas, defenders of tradition, of the highest values ​​of Budo and to protect the legacy of Jigoro Kano. ​Kyuzo Mifune and Kazuo Ito followed the teachings and advice of Jigoro Kano and years after his death they continued to teach the world a Judo complete, including in their works and videos various types of techniques that are not used today in sports Judo, as for example dislocations of dolls, knees, ankles, atemi waza and different forms of self-defense. FOR ORDERS IN NORTH AMERICA VISIT KIAIBUDOSHOP AUTHORS: BRUCE R. BETHERS, JOSE A. CARACENA AND GABRIEL GARC A BOOK COLOR.

Author: Jose Caracena, Bruce R. Bethers
Publisher: Blurb
Published: 12/20/2021
Pages: 96
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