Las fantásticas

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DE LOS CREADORES DE EL CARTEL La historia del narcotráfico contada a través de las esposas y compañeras de los grandes capos colombianos.

Seis relatos escalofriantes de las vidas detrás de escena de las mujeres de los narcos en Colombia. Historias reales de las esposas y mujeres de los narcotraficantes y, aunque los nombres se ocultan tras seudónimos, se puede reconocer en la vida real a las protagonistas.? Las fantásticas son mujeres bellas, que aparentan ser inocentes. Sin embargo, una vez que logran conquistar a un mafioso, comienzan una carrera contra el reloj que las consume para poder mantener su sitio de poder, cueste lo que cueste. Elemento a resaltar: Hasta ahora nadie había contado cómo eran las mujeres de los narcos y hasta dónde se llegaban a transformar sus personalidades.


Las Fantásticas are women who rarely go unnoticed. During their time of glory, paraded at their husband's side, they travel in opulent vehicles decked out in the latest designer fashions and live in the lap of luxury. It just takes one second, one false move, however, and their entire life come crashing down on them. Their man loses power, money and his freedom, and suddenly their golden dream turns into their darkest nightmare. Glamour and an affluent lifestyle give way to uncertainty, unease, and an inability to go back to a “normal” life.

Las Fantásticas were always the “official” women. They were owed respect and subservience. They ruled the house, presiding over an army of servants that saw them as an extension of the boss. Never before had anyone told their story, had delved into their metamorphosis —from simple, unassuming women into the partner of recognized criminals. Las Fantásticas are beautiful women whose true nature is veiled under a sweet and innocent guise. Upon seducing their “lord,” a race against the clock begins —each will do whatever it takes to maintain their place in power. • Never before has such an intimate portrayal of these women been available to the public.

Author: Andres Lopez Lopez
Publisher: Aguilar
Published: September 16, 2009
Pages: 320
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