Learn Spanish: How to Learn 1000+ Spanish Words in 1 Hour and Impress Your Colleagues by Using 7 Simple Vocabulary Tricks

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Are you ready to learn 1000+ spanish words in the next 60 minutes?

You've probably been wasting time studying. If you've been using traditional language learning tools like classes or software to teach you Spanish - I can almost guarantee it. These classes focus on memorization, basic vocabulary, routine phrases and conversations. And, naturally, these are all important.But, here's the thing - Most traditional Spanish classes are missing critical information that could save you hours of time and effort.

It's what these courses DON'T teach you that leads to hours of unnecessary time wasted studying. They don't teach you the critical principles that allow you to master the knowledge in minutes - NOT hours. (by the way, if you've had difficultly learning, it's probably because you didn't have the right methods to make it easy).

You might not believe this, but: You can significantly improve your Spanish vocabulary, right now. Instead of wasting time studying using traditional methods, you could be using effective techniques to increase your vocabulary TODAY. These methods will show you how you can learn hundreds of new Spanish words in less time than it takes you to eat lunch, AND know them forever, not just for a few minutes or long enough to take the test.

How is this possible? Let me explain.
I've found proven strategies for increasing your learning speed - habits, techniques, and tactics that will put the jet fuel in your language learning. These strategies were not easy to find. And guess what? I'm a native bilingual speaker I personally use these to make connections between large sets of words, and learn new ones without hours of memorization (even in other languages like French and Italian). I can promise you that these high-leverage techniques will save you time and put you on the fast-track towards fluency in Spanish.

But know this - This is not a ' How to Learn Spanish from Scratch' book. Not even close. What it is: a condensed guide that shows you the best practices for rapidly increasing your vocabulary and becoming fluent in Spanish. I've kept the book short and easy to understand, so that you can get started using these as soon as possible (I'm trying to save you time after all, not make you read another 300+ page book). So, I've laid out the overlooked principles, common pitfalls, and language shortcuts in a way that anyone can understand and start using immediately.

What's inside
  • Introduction
  • Tip # 1: Latin Is Your Friend
  • Tip # 2: The Dialect Dilemma
  • Tip # 3: The Components of Language Learning
  • Tip # 4: Ditch the Dictionary
  • Tip # 5: Avoid Programmed Conversations
  • Tip # 6: Practice Conversing with a Conversation Swap
  • Tip # 7: Invest in an App
  • Tip # 8: Word Endings Are Your Friend
  • The 7 simple Language Shortcuts to learn 1000+ words quickly

Language Shortcuts
The core of this book is the list of what I call "language shortcuts" that are consequences of the similarities between English and Spanish. For example: English words that end in -ant stem from a certain group of words that also exist in most other romance languages. In particular, these words also exist in Spanish, but the suffix of the words in Spanish is -ante instead of -ant.
So the English word "arrogant" translates to "arrogante" in Spanish. The word "brilliant" translates to "brilliante," and so on.

So, don't waste anymore time. Change your strategy, and take yourself to the next level - get yourself a copy of this book right now.

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