Let Me Pimp Or Let Me Die

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Ricky Walters grew up in the gritty streets of San Diego California. Upon quitting his security job, he meets an ex pimp name Trust who teaches him everything about the pimp game. Ricky ends up turning out a young asian girl name Yuki, changes his name to Jackpot, and jumps knee deep in the pimp game. Jackpot makes a conscious decision to become the biggest pimp to ever play the game and goes cross country. Here, is where Jackpot finds himself getting money, ducking the police, feuding with haters, vindictive females, snitches, and eventually doing time in the penitentiary.

Author: Caujuan Akim Mayo
Publisher: Uprock Publications
Published: 11/07/2012
Pages: 240
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.56lbs
Size: 8.00h x 5.25w x 0.51d
ISBN13: 9780615724256
ISBN10: 0615724256
BISAC Categories:
- Fiction | Urban
- Fiction | African American | Urban

About the Author
Caujuan Akim Mayo, also known on the streets as $ki.Bo and Ka$hanova, grew up hustling at a young age to make ends meet and help his single mother take care of his sister and 5 brothers. Early on, he had a way with words and women and found himself engulfed within the "Game" and lifestyle of The Pimping and Hoe subculture. The same game that brought him up, eventually took him down and sent him to prison. There, is where he found a knack and love for writing and penned his first novel, "Let Me Pimp Or Let Me Die." With part 2 already finished, and another book on the way, Caujuan turned his negative situation into a positive one. After being released from prison, He turned his life around, started Uprock Publications, self published his novel, gave up the pimp game, and started giving back to the community in a positive way.

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