Love Me Even When It Hurts: Unbreakable

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Eighteen year old A'LEESEEA is trapped in a dangerous sexual relationship with her mother's fiancée, IDRIS, with no way out. When Idris's obsession with her turns into pure craziness, A'leeseea is desperate to free herself of his control. But she quickly learns that fleeing from a psychotic man is as frightening as staying with him.

SHAROME, a young, fearless hitta with his own problems, offers A'leeseea his love and protection as long as she will love him in return. He doesn't fear her abuser, and that in itself will cost Sharome more than he could've ever imagined.

True love is said to conquer all. In LOVE ME EVEN WHEN IT HURTS, those words will be put to an extreme test.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 166 pages

Publish Date: 30 November 2018