Man Who Walked the Dog: The D.J. Superior-DMX-Story

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It is one thing to write a book about a superstar; it\'s another to write a book that speaks to us about the psychological dynamic that gets sketched into the heart and mind of the very few who have the opportunity to have such an experience, while at the same time exposing the bloodsuckers and other willing participants that are willing to sacrifice the na?ve in the name of fame and fortune. Many call it \"the blessing and the curse.\" The Man Who Walked the Dog is a literary timepiece that allows the inquisitive reader, connoisseur of hip hop culture, or social historian, the opportunity to read the memoir of a man that was very instrumental in developing and giving the world one of its greatest hip hop stars. And in return, was exploited, blackballed, robbed, and a was survivor of many death threats, Truly his life is a testimony to the fact that every dog has his day.