Modern Alpha Male: Authentic Principles to Become the Man you we

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Are you stuck in the friendzone with women... or stuck being a follower in your personal or professional life? Ever wondered how you can seize the lead and become a strong, confident ALPHA MALE?Has your masculinity been challenged, your strength questioned, or your inner resolve been put in doubt? Have you lost your mojo, swag, and need a manly pep talk?! You\'ve found the right book.What the hell is an \"ALPHA MALE,\" much less a MODERN one?I\'ll tell you what. An alpha male is strong, confident, self-assured and doesn\'t take bull from anyone. He\'s driven by inner confidence and the recognition that his potential is only bound by the limitations of his imagination. Women, friends, career? He\'s got it all figured out. Damn straight.Sound appealing? Sound TOUGH? Don\'t worry, The Modern Alpha Male doesn\'t need to imitate anyone else or conform to anyone else\'s expectations. He forges his own path with his own unique strengths and creates a truly authentic alpha version of himself... the version that only he can be. I\'m not going to tell you be something you\'re not, or simply to \"fake it \'til you make it\" like any other book on the topic. You\'re more than that and you should embrace your own strengths!What\'s inside this book?- Where an alpha male\'s true confidence stems from and how to unlock it.- The secret to how an alpha male is never in the friendzone with women.- The surprising way that Will Smith can help you on your journey and development.- How leadership can come easily with a simple mindset shift.Also check out...- The 28 day alpha male kickstart plan - a plan for how to kickstart your new life and begin dominating.- How focus and discipline will defeat your fears time and time again.- Secrets to blazing your own trail and finding your own version of contentedness.The best part is that these traits and mindsets are eminently learnable, and as an experienced dating and social skills coach, I\'ll show you how to shine the light on your inner strength and resolve. You\'ll see how a commitment to embracing these principles will significantly affect you and more importantly, how people treat you. What will you gain? An upgraded dating life. More true friends. Confidence growth. Charisma as a second nature. Leadership skills and prowess.Most importantly, you\'ll love the person you are... because you will be the man you were born to be.What are you waiting for? Don\'t delay the first step to your new, upgraded, authentic, alpha life. Scroll up and click BUY NOW now!P.S. FINALLY seize control of your life!