MrQuickPick's 1-2-3 Business Plan to Unlocking Cars for Profit!:

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Looking for a new business idea with very little start-up money required yet potentially huge returns? A job where you can truly \"work from home\" and set your own schedule? Well look no further than an old business with some new ideas... Roadside Assistance! No, this is not the next \"get rich quick\" scheme. On the contrary, this is a real business with real work, real customers and very real income potential! Right this very minute, someone, somewhere has locked their keys in their car. It happens every day, all day long and into the wee hours of the morning. And it\'s not just keys locked inside a car. Drivers in every city and state across the nation (including yours), are constantly in need of jump starts, tire changes, gas delivery and car unlock service. The demand is there and the skills required are minimal, so where are you? At a low paying 9-5? Suit and tie? Looking for a job, a better job or in between jobs? Perhaps you\'re just getting out of the military, maybe even a disabled veteran, trying to transition back into the civilian world. Well if you\'ve always wanted to be your own boss and you\'re not scared of a little hard work, maybe it\'s time to ditch the suit and tie, or put the job search on hold. Maybe, just maybe, lockout service and roadside assistance (or what we like to call \"Lock and Road Service\") is the right choice for you! Did you ever wonder what the person who unlocked your car actually makes for a living? He must have overhead, a storefront, expensive equipment and years of training? Maybe...or maybe he works from home, out of his car, with a few hundred dollars worth of tools and advertises online, pocketing $200-$300+ per day. He just may be knocking down six-figures a year, driving around town providing roadside services to other people who are trying to get to their \"real\" jobs! Meet Jon Taylor, founder of Quick Pick Lockout Service and MrQuickPick Lock and Road Service. While working as a hotel manager, Jon would often assist his guests with their automotive needs, calling on auto clubs to help with a tire change, dead battery or keys locked in a car. Sometimes it would take so long for help to arrive that he would simply grab some tools and do it himself. That\'s when he realized he could put his own business savvy and strong work ethic into starting and running his own \"lock & road\" service. His company, Quick Pick Lockout Service, would gross over half a million dollars in it\'s first three years and, in the process, win AAA\'s prestigious Member\'s Choice Award for three consecutive years. What started as a small business venture unlocking cars with a friend quickly turned into a multi-state enterprise! He has since taken his model for success and helped numerous others (including veterans, like himself) get into business for themselves as MrQuickPick licensees right in their own hometowns. Now MrQuickPick take\'s you step-by-step through the entire process, covering everything from the tools and training to the successful marketing plan that enables this business model to thrive for practically anyone, anywhere. Did you know that you can sign up with major auto clubs to do their light duty roadside services such as jump starting a car or delivering gas, right there in your hometown? We tell you what you need to do to become a service provider for these companies, right down to filling out the application. Not sure you could ever figure out how to unlock your own car, never mind someone else\'s? We provide the do\'s and don\'ts to all of these \"light duty\" services, including links to the tools, auto club applications and helpful training videos. And for those who think they\'re just not cut out to do the work themselves, we\'ll show you how to start the business and hire others to do the work for you. Whether you come from a mechanical background or just have business savvy and a strong work ethic, this may be the opportunity you\'ve been looking for!