My Opinion

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Get a glimpse inside the chaotic world of hip-hop with Mac Mall\'s eye-opening new memoir, My Opinion.

Raised on the unforgiving streets of California\'s notorious Crestside neighborhood, Mac Mall had a choice to make: either grab a MAC-10 or grab a microphone.

The latter won out, and, having fallen in love with hip-hop at a young age, Mac Mall achieved his dream music stardom even earlier than he could have imagined. Taken under the wings of Bay Area legends Mac Dre and Khayree, Mac Mall released the best-selling album Illegal Business? at the age of sixteen-and never looked back.

Over the course of his career at the independent rap label Young Black Brother and beyond, Mac Mall managed to make his mark on the world of hip-hop while coming face-to-face with life and death itself.

Pulling no punches, My Opinion offers a raw look at a life spent navigating the thrilling-yet treacherous-waters of groupies, drugs, and the ever-evolving music industry.

This inspiring memoir ultimately shares one man\'s story of chasing a dream, catching it, and trying to hold on through the wild adventures it leads him on.