Never Trust A Ratchet Bitch 2

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MONROE, the baddest and most feared female in Vineland, New Jersey is out for blood, and she'll use every womanly skill she possess to get it. Nothing and no one will stand in her way to avenge her brothers death!Meanwhile, the drama continues with MONICA, RAYAUNA and SHATERIA. But how long will they get away with their nasty ways and manipulation before their dirt becomes their rooftops?REEM is so focused on getting Monica and Shateria to turn on each other, he doesn't realize he has a target on his back. He’s a wanted man and he vows to take whoever out with him!ROSCOE is caught between finding Monica and trying to lay low. However, he doesn't realize his main focus should be getting out of town before he crosses Monroe again. But with time ticking, and his life line running out, Roscoe is forced to make a decision that could cost him his life.When it’s all said and done bodies will be dropped and blood will be shed; leaving one person to tell the tale of why you should NEVER TRUST A RATCHET BITCH!

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 186 pages

Publish Date: January 7, 2020