Pocket Guide to How to Start a Successful Group Home

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Do you have a dream of opening your own group home, but do not know where to start? Have you contacted your local licensing agency to get the information on starting your group home but instead received vague and discouraging information? Did they tell you the licensing process may take up to one year and you do not understand why? Or are you just plain frustrated in trying to figure this thing out alone? All of these barriers add months to the licensing process! If you are like I was when I went through this process and want to cut through the red tape of the licensing process, this book is for you!! My name is Yalonda Smith (You may know me as Yalonda Hooks), and I owned a successful group home for foster children of my own for 7 years. I am the CEO of Cornerstone Consulting & Coaching, LLC, formerly known as, How to Start a Successful Group Home, LLC. I started my web-based consulting business in 2009 and have been helping others to make their dreams come true ever since! You may have visited my website while doing your research over the years but have procrastinated and put your dreams of entrepreneurship on hold year after year. It is time to stop making excuses and make this season, YOUR season!!! The purpose of this book is to save people like you many months of research, writing, and creating your own policies and forms. When I was in your shoes in 2006 trying to open my own group home, I was impatient and frustrated with the complications of the licensing process. Therefore, I am offering you a step by step guide that will help make your dreams a reality in no time! Although this book is mainly for the licensing process in the United States, the basic steps can be used in any country that must be licensed through the government to open a group home or residential facility. Why delay? Let\'s start working on making your dreams a reality today!

Binding / Paperback: 60 pages

Publish Date: January 14, 2017