Real Team: Rogue Warrior

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By land, sea, or air--SEAL teams attack the enemy from any direction, at any time. Here, the real-life models for such classic Marcinko characters Nasty Nick Grundle, Stevie Wonder, Indian Jew, \"Doc\" Tremblay, and the Golddust Twins reveal how they literally came up shooting--as newbies morphing into seasoned veterans, as loyal US servicemen turned into rogue warriors, and as valorous men whose only rule was that the warrior does not give up. Ever.

From setting up an ambush to making a HAHO--high altitude, high opening--parachute jump, these stories are about real men and real missons, and about the SEAL mentality of teamwork, training, loyalty, and never-say-die aggression. For it is the spirit of THE REAL TEAM that shaped these extraordinary individuals and positioned them for success--on every battlefield and in every endeavor they would face in life.