RHCSA Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

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RHCSA Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (UPDATED): Training and Exam Preparation Guide, Second Edition provides in-depth coverage of the latest RHCSA EX200 exam objectives that include Shell Scripting and Containers. The most definitive guide available on the subject, this book explains concepts, analyzes configuration files, describes command outputs, shows step-by-step procedures (includes screenshots of actual commands executed and outputs they produced), and challenges the readers' comprehension of the concepts and procedures by presenting plenty of additional labs and sample realistic exam tasks to perform on their own.

This book has 23 chapters that are organized logically, from setting up the lab to the fundamentals of Linux to sophisticated Linux administration topics. The book covers the topics on local RHEL 8 installation; initial interaction with the system; basic Linux commands; compression and archiving; file editing and manipulation; standard and special permissions; file searching and access controls; user monitoring and authentication files; users, groups, and password aging; bash shell features and startup files; processes and task scheduling; basic and advanced software administration techniques; system boot process and bootloader; kernel management and system initialization; logging and system tuning; basic and advanced storage management tools and solutions; local file systems and swap regions; network device and connection configuration; remote file systems and automounting; time synchronization and hostname resolution; the secure shell service; firewall and SELinux controls; and shell scripting and containers.

Each chapter highlights the major topics and relevant exam objectives at the beginning and ends with several review questions & answers and Do-It-Yourself challenge labs. Throughout the book, figures, tables, screen shots, examples, notes, and exam tips are furnished to support explanation and exam preparation. This book includes four sample RHCSA exams that are expected to be performed using the knowledge and skills attained from reading the material, following the exercises, and completing the challenge labs. The labs and the sample exams include hints to relevant topics and/or exercises.

This book may be used as a self-learning guide by RHCSA 8 exam aspirants, a resource by instructors and students to follow in physical and virtual training sessions, an on-the-job resource for reference, and an easy-to-understand guide by novice and non-RHEL administrators.

Binding / Paperback: 620 pages

Publish Date: November 13, 2020