Secret Steps to Infinite Success: What is the Law of Attraction

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What happens when a military aircraft technician turned instructor is asked to break down the Law of Attraction? This short cut to success book! If you are just starting to learn about the Law of Attraction (LoA) or you have been researching it with little success for years, then this is the book that pulls it all together for you. This book is short, not because the author isn\'t knowledgable. It\'s short because the author has taught electronics and learned early on that students need to understand the basics first. Teaching muliplication to a student that can\'t even add yet would be a huge waste of time. Unfortunately that is frequently what happens with the LoA gurus. Also, most LoA books today are so full of stories the meaning gets lost. The author of this book has made this short and sweet. So when you continue your research you can actually put the stories into a category that makes sense! One more thing really makes this book unique. The author included a success troubleshooting matrix. Just like when an aircraft breaks there are manuals to help pinpoint the problem. The author has created a matrix to help you troubleshoot your success issues. In less than an hour you should have a much clearer understanding of the LoA and know the three secret steps to infinite success. So don\'t wait, add this book to your collection now!